Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do I need to spray liquid on the film or on the device to install the Titan screen protector?

Absolutely not! The Titan screen protector has a premium quality adhesive, exposed when the backing is removed, and it attaches to the screen of your device without any additional chemical or liquid. The film does not leave any residue if it is removed.

Do I need to keep my device turned off during or after installation?

No. Unlike some screen protectors that require 12 to 24 hours of "curing" and "drying" time, the Titan screen protectors are immediately useful as soon as it is installed.

Should I clean my device before installing the Titan screen protector?

Yes. It is important to make sure the screen is free of dust before attaching the film. It helps to install the screen in a clean, dust-free area.

What is the Lifetime Guarantee?

If your TITAN screen protector is ever damaged, we will replace it for free, for the life of the device. Minimal shipping and handling fees apply.

How does the Lifetime Guarantee work?

You Contact Us. We ship a replacement unit to you. You return the old unit to us.

During the replacement process you will be asked to provide a credit or debit card. This card will be pre-authorized for the retail value of the TITAN Screen Protector you are replacing. If the pre-authorization is successful it will be immediately voided. At this time, your credit or debit card will be charged a minimal shipping & handling fee. If we do not receive your old TITAN Screen Protector back within 60 days of making your replacement request, the card you provided will be charged the full retail price of the replacement TITAN Screen Protector product.

What products are covered under the Lifetime Guarantee?

All TITAN screen protectors are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.

What is not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?

Installation errors are not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. This includes bubbles under the TITAN film, as well as incorrect alignment of the film on your device. Please watch our installation videos before installing your TITAN screen protector.

Additionally, please remember that the Lifetime Guarantee is for the life of the device. Upgrading your device to a new model (for example, Apple iPhone 4 to Apple iPhone 4S) where the dimensions are the same as the previous model does not qualify for coverage.

Please note our liability is solely for the TITAN screen protector and does not extend to electronic devices.

Will the store where I purchased my Titan product process a Lifetime Guarantee replacement request or return for my unit?

Please check with the store where you made the purchase about their return policy. For the Lifetime Guarantee replacement request, please CONTACT US.